Routing not working properly

Hi i have 3 interfaces
eth 0- - pc 10.0.8.x
eth 1- - pc 10.1.8.x
eth 2- - pc 192.168.40.x

How can i set up my vyos router to ping devices or pc’s between the interfaces am doing this from esx host.
I see most article have an internet facing interface but i don’t require it.
Each time i set the ip address on the interface i can ping the ip of the interface but not the pc behind the interface.

Check arp entries

show arp interface eth0

This command is not working for me. Please see screenshot.

Use operational mode

am already in config mode.
How do i get to operational mode. Am a beginner to this device.
Figured it out but it fails in both modes.

Use command run to execute operational commands in config mode

vyos@RTR1# run show arp interface eth0 
Address             HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface
x.x.x.x             ether   52:54:00:01:ce:28   C                     eth0
x.x.x.x             ether   88:3f:d3:31:22:11   C                     eth0

@kbruce_007 which VyOS version running?

Please share your config, excluding any identifying information. Private IP addresses are fine to share, and should not be excluded.

hi Please see screenshot for details.

show arp is the command to see the arp table in this version.

Solution : After deleting the vyos then reinstall it worked. I configured each interface at a time.
My device behind interface eth0 i had to reboot as well after the reboot i was able to ping and access the resources behind the interface.

Thanks all for your help.

You should upgrade to a newer version. 1.1.8 is OLD

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