Routing VS Source NAT?

Trying to understand why we need Routing (Static Route for example).
So far, i’ve managed, using Source NAT Rules to get out to the
Internet (for browsing), and did so without any Static Route rules.
So… why do we need them?.

From what i’ve read, Routing is intended to allow us to forward
packets from one network to a different network (2 networks total)
but my question is: When we successfully managed to go “outside”
for internet connection => isn’t the “internet” a network?.

Kind of confused, and would be happy to get clarification on
“Why do we need Routing, isn’t NAT enough?”.

One more question, when i did see a “static routing command”,
it looked like this:
set protocols static route next-hop
Does that mean that all of the packets leaving the Vyos would
go throw


A search for basic IP knowledge will probably help you a bit on the way.

If you don’t need routing you don’t need a router :wink: