Routing without NAT

I’m a newbie and would like to kindly ask you experts for a running config that would meet my goals.
I have to separate networks at home. Both of them have physical routers and their own internet access.
LAB: gateway192.168.1.1
UPC: gateway
I want to have simple routing between those networks, so when I’m connected to LAB I can access hosts in UPC and vice versa. Still I want to use default gateways from those networks on my computers.

I tried to setup VyOS as a VM with two interfaces with static addresses:
eth0: - connected to LAB network
eth1: - connected to UPC network

I created a zone rules with default action accept.

On the LAB router I created a static route: should go through
On the UPC router I created a static route: should go through

It doesn’t work. Pings just timeout. Any idea how to set it up to make it work?

Are you able to share your configuration (with secrets removed)?

Hello, @RchN!
Topology which you are described is correct. So it must be some problem with config or hidden pitfall which is not obvious from your description.
Provide please next information so we can help you:

  1. VyOS configuration;
  2. routing tables from both of your routers;
  3. traceroute output to, and any host in a remote network (if your PC is in LAB then to UPC or vice versa).