RPKI Cache Connection -- Broken?

I’m running a rolling 1.5 release of VyOS locally built.

I’m experiencing a strange issue where VyOS appears to be generating legitimate-looking FRR config for an RPKI cache, but no matter what I seem to try, it doesn’t seem to actually generate the connection to the cache.

Example VyOS config:

set protocols rpki cache port '3323'
set protocols rpki cache preference '1'

Which results in FRR config like:

 rpki polling_period 300
 rpki cache 3323 preference 1

And bgpd is running with the added module. From the process list:

/usr/lib/frr/bgpd -d -F traditional --daemon -A -M rpki

But it just never seems to try and connect:

edge-gw.sfo02# show rpki cache-connection
No connection to RPKI cache server.

edge-gw.sfo02# show rpki cache-server
host: port: 3323, preference: 1

Even though I have a route to the cache server and can ping it just fine.

Are there any special tricks to getting RPKI to start speaking RTR?

It seems known old FRR bug ⚓ T2044 RPKI doesn't boot properly

Yeah, after a bit of debugging, that is a good tip – it seems like my FRR daemons startup just fine with -M rpki on my bgpd, but it does seem required to run rpki stop / rpki start to get it to connect.