Running MySQL/MariaDB within VyOS?

Im in the process of reinstalling a server - for now I have gone with vanilla Debian 12 bookworm to have complete control of the installation.

But VyOS (who is also based on Debian 12 bookworm at least the 1.4 and 1.5-rolling) have everything already setup with a good frontend through the vyos config.

That is install the iso, restore the config.boot file, reboot - done!

What Im missing for my VyOS setup is a webserver with modperl2 capabilities (along with Perl) and MySQL/MariaDB as database.

There is currently ⚓ T5167 Add a simple file server in progress but thats to get a simplified web-server natively in VyOS.

And it would be a bit too optimistic to expect to get a fullblown webserver AND database within the standard vyos config.


VyOS also supports containers which is probably the “correct” solution to this issue (another one would be to just add the deb-repo and install the needed packages through “apt” but then these would be lost with the next system update).

That is using VyOS but “upgrade” it with webserver (with modperl2) and database as containers.

Anyone in this forum who have done just that and have any config examples or recommendations when it comes to install apache2 (with modperl2 and Perl) along with MySQL/MariaDB as containers in VyOS?

Where to start?

Other than of course Container — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

What to look for?

Is Docker the registry to search for official docker images and how to find out which one to use?

Any gotchas to watch out for or other drawbacks or limitations compared to having the same packages installed in a vanilla Debian 12 bookworm box?

Im thinking mainly like “yeah I did that but it was a nightmare so I went back to a vanilla installation” or “it went without issues - here is a config example of how I did it, dont forget to adjust the max-memory setting”.

Searching through Docker there doesnt seem to exist many options when it comes to apache2 with mod-perl2.

Doesnt necessary have to be apache2 but the current setup is using regular cgi scripts written in Perl which mod-perl2 does a good acceleration of without forcing me to rewrite the scripts.

So I guess containers would be good for pihole, mysql/mariadb and such but not for more “advanced” setups?

Hi Apachez,

build your own docker images and upload it to docker hub or use your own registry?
I found this

But then I can just install apache2/modperl2 etc natively either in VyOS or in vanilla Debian 12 installation.

I was hoping to avoid that extra work.

Note that if I had more servers to deal with then of course building my own docker image would be a nice tradeoff but right now with just one or two servers the extra work (and keeping that image up2date etc) is just too much overhead compared to just do it natively.

Compare it with lets say Pi-hole where there is enough of timesaving to install their docker image instead of doing the install natively.

If you don’t build your own containers, just use Debian.