Salt-minion failing in 1.4 rolling

When configuring salt-minion on a vyos router, it never connects to the master.

set service salt-minion master ‘’

Checking in /var/log/messages there is a significant output from the python exception engine, the first line being:

vyos-v14-LON-LAB-1a salt-minion[104559]: [ERROR ] ‘PathDistribution’ object has no attribute ‘_normalized_name’

Further searching for this error finds an issue in salt when using python3.10 or greater.

There is patch for this:

Fix ‘PathDistribution’ object has no attribute ‘_normalized_name’ - Issue 61062 by piterpunk · Pull Request #61064 · saltstack/salt (

I manually applied the patch to


and retested.

The salt-minion connected to my master, I was able to authenticate it’s key, and then able to issue salt commands successfully.

As i’m new to vyos, I don’t know if this is an issue with an upstream debian package, or a local vyos package.

We use salt from their repo vyos-build/amd64.toml at bc6991e6c068909bc37864982f028c9b6a1b4da7 · vyos/vyos-build · GitHub
I created a bug report T5199