Salt-minion on Out-Of-Band interface in vrf

VyOS 1.5-rolling-202402140022
The required configuration is to have one dedicated Out-Of-band interface in the corresponding vrf. Subsequently, have ssh and salt-minion services available only on this Out-Of-Band interface. It works fine for ssh service but not for the salt-minion service.

Minion will not start without default vrf (interface, ip, route) configured. If the default vrf is configured (interface, ip, route) the minion use the default one, with apropriet interface - not desired behaivior.

Configuration example, salt-minion does not start:
set vrf name oob-management description ‘Out-Of-Band-Management’
set vrf name oob-management protocols static route next-hop
set vrf name oob-management table ‘100’

set interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 11 description ‘OOB Management interface’
set interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 11 address ‘’
set interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 11 vrf ‘oob-management’

set service ssh vrf ‘oob-management’

set service salt-minion master ‘’
set service salt-minion source-interface eth0.11

Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions.