Segment Smack and Fragment Smack Vulnerabilities




This is regarding Segment Smack and Fragment Smack Vulnerabilities. I have Couple of Vyos in my network and having Kernal version’s 3.3.8-1,3.13.11-1.

Is there any fix for this Vulnerability.



Rcent VyOS rolling releases use Kernel 4.18.4.!


you can help with testing, grab latest rolling from here


Hi Syncer,

Can i have any package which can install in current running vyos with kernal 3.3.8-1,3.13.11-1.

Or can i upgrade kernel 4.18.4 with existing Vyos OS, as devices are in production.


unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade kernel only
you need to update the whole image.
Will advise testing with your config in VM


So i can upgrade the image.

I will test in one VM with my existing configuration.


see also


ok. I will check and update.


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