Self-signed cert options not available under http api on nightly builds and container options not available on v1.3

I am a newbie on vyos, but once I started to learn, it has caught my eyes for its feature rich functionalities, one of the features that caught my eye is the https api.

the documentation says that vyos supports api and the configurations are available on the vyos documentation, however “set service https certificates system-generated-certificate” option is not available on v1.4 the nightly builds.

I manage to find a docker image for version 1.3 and it has “set service https certificates system-generated-certificate” option, but on the other hand v1.3 doesn’t have the container option which the v1.4 has

as a beginner I find it difficult to adopt due to these inconsistencies. is it ok to assume that this is a know fact and if so is there a document that explains the features which are going to be carried forward on future releases?


One of the features of VyOS is automatic migration of configuration on a sytem update to a newer release, including the 1.4 rolling release. In this case, ‘system-generated-certificate’ is automatically recast into the new PKI subsystem.
1.3 docs on system update:
1.4 docs on PKI:

You are quite right to point out the error in documentation here, which will be corrected; thanks !

thanks for the clarification @jestabro