Set firewall rule on a trunk port


using the latest rolling build, getting an error when applying a firewall rule to an vlan-sub-interface:

vyos@vyos# set interfaces ethernet eth0.100 firewall local name MGMT

interface ethernet eth0.100: not a valid name
Value validation failed
Set failed

Works without the sub interfaces…


Please use zone based firewall which is described in the Wiki.

Hi James,

what version are you running?
VyOS 1.2.0-rolling+201809170337
set firewall name vif-test
set interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 100 firewall in name ‘vif-test’

Should do what you want.

it did, many thanks.

Out of interest, is there a release notes document available that describes the changes in the releases? I also see that “set system default-gateway” has been removed in favour of “set protocols static…”



No not yet, since the rolling releases are development releases and it wouldn’t make much sense to have release document for those. Rolling releases are being generated at least once a day, but it can also happen that there are multiple per day, or some are being deleted if major issues have been introduced etc.
There are plans to release 1.2.x soon, the release will have release notes. Until then I can only recommend that you read to stay up to date or post here if you come across issues. If you find a bug you can also always open a ticket in

thanks for the update + help :slight_smile:

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