Set ip-pool name

I made changes in /var/run/accel-pppd/pppoe.conf and update the ip-pool module with name: Default, after the server rebooted this config is lost. what is the permanent solution so the updated pppoe.conf configuration wont change after the system reboot



does anyone knows how to do that

Well, you haven’t told us about your system, current configuration, or exactly what you’re trying to do.

I’d speculate based on the little bit of information you posted, that you’re trying to configure a PPPoE server.

For reboot-persisting configuration, you’ll need to specify the settings with the config interface. I’m guessing you’ll find the answers to your questions in the PPPoE Server Configuration document.

Thanks for the update, we have moved pppoe.conf to /etc for persisting configuration.

That will work fine… until you upgrade VyOS. Then the configuration you specified in /etc/ will disappear, because only the configuration in /config/ gets copied to the new image (each image has its own internal /etc/).

Create a feature request on phabricator