Set up an active/passive redundancy using AWS EIP linked to a secondary interface



As a preamble, I am a complete noob to VyOS.

I have been able to follow tutorials and establish VPN connections between VyOS on AWS and Openswan on Azure.

I know vrrp stuff is not allowed on AWS, but I need to setup an active/passive redundancy using AWS EIP as a floating IP(linked to a secondary interface).

I planned on using this AWS tutorials and have an external function check the health of the Current Vyos and reassign the EIP to the other when the current is faulty.

When I have 2 networking interface to AWS I can only use one to login into the VyOS.

I have read around it as well and it seems to be related to dynamic routing which is new to me as well.
How can I go about solving the dynamic routing problem so both interfaces are active and working.


Hi guys,

Please is there any luck with this?

Any takers?


@rob.thomson , I understand you were working on this around 2016. Have you been able to make any progress on this -> ipsec on floating interface ?