Setting client-option in DHCP request

Looking to migrate from my Edgerouter to Vyos running on an apu2c4.

My ISP requires me to send a client-option value in order for me to get an IP address.

The corresponding config on my ER-6P looked like this;

    ethernet eth4 {
    address dhcp
    description Swisscom
    dhcp-options {
        client-option "send vendor-class-identifier "100008,0001";"
    duplex auto
    speed auto

There doesn’t seem to be the corresponding dhcp-options in Vyos.

I did find an older thread on the topic that requires modifying a system script

Is this still the only way to go about doing this?


Maybe someone from Vyos is able to comment here? Hoping there is a simple solution.

Interesting to see the level of response compared with the ubnt forums.

Before taking the plunge of a $500 purchase it would be good to get a feel for the support levels of the product.

The product does not look to support my requirement directly (like the Edgerouter), however I just need advice on how to send these DHCP options via a certain interface.


This looks like it should be an easy one to answer. Really keen to move platform but this is a must have feature or I can’t get an IP from my ISP.



there is an open similar task, please comment on it and describe your needs.


Many thanks. I did as you suggested. Currently marked for inclusion in 1.2.2. Hopefully that won’t get pushed out.