Setting up a vpn on VyOS, need advice


I’m fairly new to VyOS, having only worked on Cisco IOS before… so, I’ve managed to make a hub to spoke type VPN, but the thing is it’s all on gns3, and I’ve only used VYOS as my routers, but in the real world and at the company I’m currently working at, they already do have a low end business grade router which is set in bridged mode, so my question is, should the company buy a NIC and install it on the host machine of VyOS so that it would replace and act as the new router? or should I reset my IP plan and keep on using the bridged router? and if so, how would I do that? which IPs should I advertise on my NHRP?

hi coldhands,

Can you share your current topology (high-level view). If I understand this correctly, you want to simply install VyOS on the same subnet as your current branch router and create a tunnel from the new installed VyOS to your central site (which I assume is also VyOS? and does the central site have a public IP?). You can checkout our solution that we just launched and its on free trial where you can create VTI or Plain IPSec etc. tunnels. If your traffic is from branch to central site/DC and there is no branch to branch traffic then DMVPN may not be the right approach…you can configure VTI with BGP and have dynamic routing in place. Checkout our solution at which should help you do things much faster and will be happy to explain it on a call if you are open to it.


Faiz Khan