Setting user level

Trying to setup an operator only login for a new user.
In the docs ( seem to imply i just need to run:
set system login user <username> level <level>

however i get the following error:

vyos@vyos# set system login user ansiblero level operator

Configuration path: system login user ansiblero [level] is not valid
Set failed


When i use tab completion, level is not shown as a valid completion either:

vyos@vyos# set system login user ansiblero
Possible completions:
 > authentication
                Password authentication
   full-name    Full name of the user (use quotes for names with spaces)
                Home directory

Current config:

authentication {
public-keys identifier {
type ssh-rsa
full-name “Ansible Read-Only”

Running vyos version:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Shrug666
We excluded this feature from rolling because it didn’t work correctly.
In new releases, this feature is not expected.

Thanks viacheslav. Is there any other way to limit the commands a user can run?

At the moment, I don’t see a solution.

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