Setup a rolling capture?

Hi All,

Quick question, just upgraded a client to the 1.2.1 release.

We are trying to track down an intermittent issue and would like a filtered rolling capture to get this. I setup a rolling tcpdump on Friday, int the bash shell, but its bailed out on me by now - though it did run for a short while.

TCP command used:

tcpdump -i eth2 port 102 -w /home/vyos/crtr.pcap -W 48 -C 100 -K -n &

Any thoughts on how to do this?


I would start the capture in a screen session so that it does not get killed when you leave the SSH session. Once started just detach (ctrl + A +D) and then it should stay running in the screen session even after SSH disconnect.

thanks Joshua, will check it out.