Show ipv6 bgp - invalid command

Hello, I’m using VyOS 1.4-rolling (image built on 2023-06-30) and it simply doesn’t have bgp under show ipv6 command:

$ show ipv6 bgp neighbors
  Invalid command: show ipv6 [bgp]

The list of available parameters for show ipv6 are:

$ show ipv6
Possible completions:
  access-list           Show all IPv6 access-lists
  forwarding            Show IPv6 forwarding status
  groups                Show IPv6 multicast group membership
  neighbors             Show IPv6 neighbor (NDP) table
  ospfv3                Show IPv6 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  prefix-list           Show IPv6 prefix-lists
  ripng                 Show RIPNG protocol information
  route                 Show IPv6 routes

It looks that ipv6 is being routed over bgp thru my peer, because my advertised network is reachable over internet, so it looks that vyos only is not showing those show ipv6 bgp ... commands.


Please use show bgp ipv6 command.

You can check the reasons here.

Thanks for your reply. It works as you said. However, Is it possible to make a command alias or at least show a warning message with the correct command syntax?

I have added this as a feature request: ⚓ T5456 Add alias for "show ipv6 bgp"

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