Silent container creation failure, unable to create network

I’ve defined a podman network as:

network podman-servers {
     description "Virtual network for podman servers"

The relevant container is defined as:

description "Database for Passbolt"
 image mariadb:10.3
 network podman-servers {
 volume database_volume {
     destination /var/lib/mysql
     source /config/pods/passbolt/mysql

Committing it results int the container being created and having a “Created” status when running “show container”

running restart container Passbolt-DB results in the following error:

time="2022-11-28T12:19:21Z" level=warning msg="Failed to load cached network config: network podman-servers not found in CNI cache, falling back to loading network podman-servers from disk"
Error: plugin type="bridge" failed (add): cni plugin bridge failed: failed to create bridge "cni-podman-servers": could not add "cni-podman-servers": numerical result out of range

despite the network being defined:
sudo podman network inspect podman-servers

          "name": "podman-servers",
          "id": "a8da27c417b2b84e8d411a5f53c082c634982a8703d7f84a3b3987ae7b30237f",
          "driver": "bridge",
          "network_interface": "cni-podman-servers",
          "created": "2022-11-28T12:17:59.405896553Z",
          "subnets": [
                    "subnet": "",
                    "gateway": ""
          "ipv6_enabled": false,
          "internal": false,
          "dns_enabled": false,
          "ipam_options": {
               "driver": "host-local"

Try to use not more than 11 symbols for the container name network
there is a limit for 15 symbols plus cni- task T4834
This check exists in the latest rollings

Thank you very much, I’m trying this now. Is it intentional that running set on the network within a container adds one, despite the fact that only a single network is allowed?

There are only 2 options
allow-host-networks and network
If you want to attach several networks to a container - create please a feature request

I mean it gave the option to set multiple “network” directives, even though only one would be followed, I was under the impression that since only a single option is allowed, it would replace the previous entry, sort of how it works when updating the descriptions.

Network is a "TagNode" as you can assign also and "LeafNode" address
I mean
set container name tacacs network NET02 address

where can I find documentation on different node types? Do you mean this is expected behavior? I think being able to have multiple networks would be nice if it were supported. but it is not so having it even allow that is somewhat confusing.

That helps some, but is there any way to know what config options will be which type without digging? It’s a bit hard to understand what is going on by reading code, and it would be great if this were more documented.