Site to Site L2 tunnel

By the way, this is not production network

Have site 1 on the left connect to tunnel broker. So the local Network has IPv6 and is exposed to the Internet. The plan is to extend that LAN to site 2 on the right. So the will share the site tunnel broker.

I think that an L2 bridge between both site would cover my need. That would be the green link between sites. The question is how?

I’m familiar with openVPN tunnels and the L3 level. Not sure if that would work with L2.

I read here about l2tpv3 and gre with ipsec. A pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.


You can use gretap, vxlan, l2tpv3

I’ve config OpenVPN layer2 VPN work well between VyOS and 4G router. Contact me if you need help.