Site-to-site VPN cannot ping

I have a pfsense router in my main office and has placed a vyos on a remote office. I have configured a site-to-site vpn with openvpn. The tunnel goes up but I cannot ping anything in either direction.

Before Vyos I tried the same with an ubuntu-box and then I could ping so I believe I am missing something on the remotede Vyos-side.
I do have configured routes for each side pointing to the other and vice verse.

Is the firewall in vyos enabled by default (I have not configured anything related to the firewall)?
Or where can I begin to troubleshoot this…?

The vyos is running as a virtual machine on the remote internal network behind a NAT-firewall. It has just one interface, since I want the tunnel to be the other interface, so that devices on the LAN can route through vyos tunnel via the LAN IP.

Arrgh… How stupid. I had entered the wrong side of the tunnel as gateway in the routing table. Now it works as expected.

Thank you self!