Slow Population of Show Interface Command

I have been using vyatta for years (2007-now) and I’m moving my config over to VYOS 1.1.7 and I have found an issue, when I add my large number of IP’s I have on my interfaces and with those interfaces having VIF interfaces on them, when you issue a “show interfaces” command it takes almost 20 sec. to populate the information on the ssh screen. I see the same thing localy logged into the VYOS. But if I watch TOP I see that the command “vyatta-show-int” is using almost 98% CPU usage. This is a box that has 16-3.1ghz cores (Dell R415) in my lab, with no traffic on it at all. I wanted to see what issues I was going to have with VYOS before deploying it in my network.

I don’t even have any of my BGP, OSPF, OSPFv3, Firewall, or Policies added yet.

Can I get someone to take a look at this, as this is now stopping me from deploying it as a replacement for my old Vyatta boxes.

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my best advise will be to post on about your issue
please share your config too, so we can try to reproduce it

Thank you, I guess the Forum’s are for “how to” and the phabricator is for Bugs and issues. Sorry for posting this in the wrong spot, I will get this over to phabricator in a few days with the configs.

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No worries,
We still under consideration how to combine all channels like forum and phabricator and chats
So it’s kind of confusing