Software Defined Networking

Hello, Team!
Do you have any plans develop connection for OpenFlow and Software Defined Networks ?

Personally I don’t see how a router would benefit from a switch configuration protocol. :wink:

We may add RouteFlow route source support at some point.

Anyway, I’d like to hear from OpenFlow users how they use it and how they see it in VyOS.

Indeed this is a new paradigm in doing network connectivity.

I think the OpenDaylight project is making good progress in this area. Yes this would be great if vyos is implemented as an SDN app , yes it is hard work to accomplish this.

Increasing activities is seen to build SDN applications. Here the big openDaylight network player are building a partner ecosystem to provide router, IPS, load balancer, optical device capability you named it.

It’s a matter of automatic provisioning and run-time parameter injection.

Interesting topic, any detailed thought?

this stage only idea and looking for cooperation and real task’s )