Some kind of GeoIP to block foreign traffic, any idea?

Hi there.

Looking for some freeware-based tool/solution to block incoming traffic by rules based on Geo information.
Particulary interested traffic from Russia, Belorussia, China, other bad actors.

Is it possible in VYOS?

Thanks in advance.

We don’t have native CLI for it.
But you can use some workarounds with nft link1 link2
It is a good idea to create a feature request at phabricator

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Feature request: ⚓ T4299 Firewall - GeoIP filtering

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You can implement GeoIP block wit PBR.

Hi there
Kinda report
Finally decided to implement the Geo IP block on EDGE Ubuntu 20.04 without VIOS firewall

Used instruction from there GeoIP Blocking Ubuntu 20.04LTS · ultramookie | Steve Mookie Kong

For simply avoid 99% of unwanted traffic - looks very good.
Works nice and easy