Source-address or source-interface for ntp, dns, etc


Is it possible to bind DNS, NTP, etc VyOS router client requests to specific interface?

like cisco
ip domain lookup source-interface vlan 1
ntp source vlan 1

Try listen-address:

set service snmp listen-address x.x.x.x
set system ntp listen-address x.x.x.x

Sorry, I think that my question was not clear.

I would like to ask about binding source interface for traffic initiated from VyOS to another host. (traceroute, ping and DNS resolving if hostaname used)

We don’t have such bindings.
You can set services to listen to specific addresses.
Or use ping x.x.x.x interface x,x,x,x
Or use PBR rules.

I believe you created good quality items in functions also. Keep working, congrats!