Source Nat on PPPoE interface


i’m quite new to VyOS, and this is my first post here.

Here is my problem (VyOS Version 1.1.8):
I wanted to set up a pppoe connection and then enable source NAT. But i can’t select the pppoe connection as outbound-interface:
Could someone point me to my error?

Here is the configuration i have so far:

[code]admin@vyos# sh
interfaces {
ethernet eth0 {
hw-id 08:00:27:83:20:4c
ethernet eth1 {
hw-id 08:00:27:30:fe:1a
pppoe 0 {
default-route auto
password testpwd
user-id testuser
loopback lo {
+nat {

  • source {
  •    rule 100 {
  •        source {
  •            address
  •        }
  •    }
  • }
    service {
    ssh {
    port 22
    system {
    config-management {
    commit-revisions 20
    console {
    device ttyS0 {
    speed 9600
    login {
    user admin {
    authentication {
    encrypted-password “”
    plaintext-password “”
    level admin
    ntp {
    server {
    server {
    server {
    package {
    repository community {
    components main
    distribution helium
    syslog {
    global {
    facility all {
    level notice
    facility protocols {
    level debug

And here i try to set the outbound interface:

admin@vyos# set nat source rule 100 outbound-interface Possible completions: <interface> Interface name or "any" any eth0 eth1 lo

Hopefully there is someone here that spot my error.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards


Is there really no one that tried to do a source-nat on a pppoe interface and is able to give me some pointers?


Have you tried committing the change and saving, then trying to set your masquerade rule?

Everything I am seeing shows that it should work.


sorry for the late answer. A friend and I finally found out the reason why it didn’t work.
We had to bring up (“connect”) the PPPoE from outside the configuration mode once. This works even if the PPPoE can’t really connect (i.e. the physical interface of the PPPoE was down).
It’s just very odd that a router should behave this way. What if i wanted to preconfigure a router in one go (an ISP for example)?

Thanks for your help anyway!