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Does port mirroring still work in vyos?
I know I managed to get a mirror interface working at some point but it no longer seems to be working.

The command I am using is:

set interfaces ethernet eth1 mirror eth3

I cannot remmember if this is the same command I used originally to get it working.

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the command is still there, but i never use this.

vyos@vyos# set interfaces ethernet eth1 m
Possible completions:
   mac          Media Access Control (MAC) address
   mirror       Incoming packet mirroring destination
   mtu          Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the reply.

Did the command work for you?
For example if you run command:

set interfaces ethernet eth1 mirror eth3

$ monitor traffic interface eth1

Does the traffic get mirrored on your side and if so what version of vyos are you running?

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yes it worked, but only the incomming traffic is mirrored not the outgoing.

in the 1.2.1 Version and with the latest rolling.
do you have an issue with this feature?

Hello Rob,

Thank you!
I am not sure if there was a config issue with my previous settings but I upgraded to the latest rolling update it it working.

Best regards,

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