Speed issue in winsows SMB


We have vyos in virtual setup on vmware, when we try copying file from a windows 2012 system behind vyos to some other windows system on internet using \ then we see speed issue it does not cross more than 500KB here the vyos firewall and windows vm are on different hosts, if we try copying the same by keeping the vyos firewall and windows vm on same VM the same is working properly.

we have verified that there is no network issue between the host by copying contents between two vm cross these hosts.

Have any one else faced this kind of issue

What are the type of network interfaces that you are using, i.e., are they Gbit or Mbit? What about the hardware (switches, router) between them? Your culprit is likely your network gear and topology, rather than VyOS. You will probably need to provide more information as to how many NICs are found on your hypervisor, how you are routing internal traffic, and what NICs are available on the VyOS VM. Do you have FE or GbE switches? Have you tried simply plugging in directly to the NIC used for internal LAN, bypassing all switches? Do you have other hosts on the network experiencing the same problem with the same external server?


The vyos is on vmware esxi installed in UCS blade chassis the nic used are 10G nics, vyos has two such nics one connecting to nexus 3k (via UCS fiber interconnect) and second nic is used for connecting windows vms these vms are on seperate blade in the same UCS chassis ( there are connected to each other via nexus 5k via same UCS fiber interconnect).

here vyos acts as the default gateway for the windows vm, these windows vm are natted one to one on a public ip for internet.

What we see is if we move the windows vm and keep both the vyos and windows vm on same blade the speed is proper if we try to keep both the vyos and windows vm on different blades then there is an issue.

We have also verified there is no issue at the remote site server for the data transfer.


Well, according to what you have said, your remote site is fine. You have been able to transfer data just fine when in the same hypervisor, so that means everything from your WAN port outwards is working properly. Also, the fact that you are able to communicate just fine when the VM is on the same hypervisor, indicates that your VyOS is able to properly route data coming into its virtual interface. So that leaves us with the LAN side physical interface on your hypervisor (hosting your VyOS), and other intermediate hardware and cabling. You could also have some kind of configuration issue, but it does not seem likely that VyOS is your cause, because your own test of VyOS is successful. This is probably something you need to take up with your hardware vendor(s).

You need to look into your configuration of the virtual switches on your blades as well. Check your LAG between your blades and physical switches, then verify your virtual switches and portsgroups. Check the loadbalancing part to verify your traffic goes the way you want it to go. On the blades verify also your configuration of “powersaving”. You need to configure for max performance and not some kind of balanced power if you want the networking to go smooth.