Speedtest / Bench Test


Hey all

I’m trying to run a speedtest on Vyos but keep getting an error.

I’m not keen on installing the speedtest-cli on the router itself, so I tried using bench.sh:

curl -Lso- bench.sh | bash

Which happens to use speedtest-cli without actually installing it. However, the router always returns this error:

main: line 215: 17263 Segmentation fault wget --no-check-certificate -q -T10 -O speedtest.tgz ${url1}
main: line 215: 17264 Segmentation fault wget --no-check-certificate -q -T10 -O speedtest.tgz ${url2}
Error: Failed to download speedtest-cli.

Any thoughts? This seems to work on all other machines except the vyos ones.

I don’t really understand this thing of running speedtest ON the router. It’s not very reflective given that that packets still have to egress the router thorough an interface to be useful.

Anyway, if you want to do this, why not just copy the speedtest binary to /config/scripts ?

I have a restic binary in mine, so that every night the router backs up its config using the vyos cron.

I would suggest you’re trying to be too tricky - download the ookla binary (not the github one it doesn’t give very good performance anymore) and copy the speedtest binary directly to your router.

I realise this doesn’t answer the “Why am I getting segfaults” question - I don’t know the answer to that, does “sudo dmesg” give any details?

If you want to measure the routing/forwarding performance of the router, you need to perform a speedtest from a client on the LAN to/from the WAN. Speedtests on the router itself only measures how fast the router can generate or receive traffic, not how fast it would be able to deliver internet traffic to your LAN clients. :slight_smile:

One way running a speedtest on the router itself can be somewhat useful (if you don’t have another server for it) is as a comparative tool to notify you of any large differences in the results between consecutive scheduled runs. Is that what you are looking to do? :slight_smile:

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