SSH fails to load in latest versions, can't connect to IPv6

SSHd does not load on boot, I have to connect to the console and start it with /usr/sbin/sshd

I also am not able to connect to the hosts using ipv6 even when the addresses are specified in listen-address. when I run netstat -pnl|grep ssh, the address listed is only the first 2 numbers of the last hextet

set service ssh listen address
set service ssh listen address fd00:feed:beef:3::233
set service ssh port 22

sudo netstat -pnl|grep ssh
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      5259/sshd
tcp6       0      0 fd00:feed:beef:3::23:22 :::*                    LISTEN      5259/sshd


run sh ver
Version:          VyOS 1.2-rolling-201911180217
Built by:
Built on:         Mon 18 Nov 2019 02:17 UTC
Build UUID:       1b67d568-983a-4200-beb4-2732a4d7879b
Build Commit ID:  e7a834c040cbd9

Architecture:     x86_64
Boot via:         installed image
System type:      VMware guest

Hardware vendor:  VMware, Inc.
Hardware model:   VMware7,1
Hardware S/N:     VMware-42 2a 01 58 71 99 0b c5-a4 22 60 63 a3 48 d6 f4
Hardware UUID:    58012a42-9971-c50b-a422-6063a348d6f4

Copyright:        VyOS maintainers and contributors

Hello @ACiD_GRiM

Can you check command:
sudo netstat -tulpnW | grep ssh

vyos@vyos# run show version 
Version:          VyOS 1.2-rolling-201911180217

vyos@vyos# show service 
 ssh {
     listen-address fd00:feed:beef:3::233
     port 22

vyos@vyos:~$ sudo  netstat -tuplnW | grep ssh
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      1464/sshd       
tcp6       0      0 fd00:feed:beef:3::233:22 :::*                    LISTEN      1464/sshd 

I chek this rolling version and it’s work fine.
sshd load correct.

sever@prim:~$ ssh vyos@fd00:feed:beef:3::233
Welcome to VyOS
vyos@fd00:feed:beef:3::233's password:

I was beginning to suspect that the address was just truncated. Turns out there was some test config that was committed but not saved when the router was upgraded to newer builds.

thank you for helping see another tree to bark at.

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