SSH in VRF fails after reboot

Running 1.4-rolling-202101120217

Have a mgmt vrf configured with a vif attached. Setup ssh with port 22 and vrf mgmt. After doing a commit, I can access the router without issue. Doing a reboot then trying to access router gives a connection refused.

Added the vrf bind-all option and still cannot access after a commit or reboot.

Delete the ssh vrf item, commit, add ssh vrf, commit and now I can access again.

Known bug that I just did not find in a search or new?

Actually, in order to regain ssh access, the entire “service ssh” section hsa to be deleted then re added.

It’s a bug in the render() function it seems, tracked via ⚓ T3212 SSH: configuration directory is not always created on boot

Thank you…

Anything I can do to help test, let me know.

This one will be fixed in the 1.3 beta version from tomorrow - easy fix, nasty error.

I can confirm that this is fixed.

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