Stacking two vyos together for LACP accross these two vyos appliances



Hi Volks

did not find anything regarding that online. Does somebody knows that?

i would like to built a similar config like:

thanks in advice



You can’t create a ‘stack’ like you can in Cisco SWITCHES.


Hi Pirate,

thanks for reply, VRRP is not really a solution for my Case. I need a Cluster Solution (example: two physical vyos working as one virtuel appliance)

Is the Clustering Mode an Option?

Background is: LACP distributed over one logical (two physical) switches

thanks in advice!


You may use VRRP in your usecase. Use two routers with interfaces connected to both switches and create some linkagregation between the routers and the switches. Then you have redundancy for the router / switch connection and VRRP is used for the first hop redundancy for routing.

Use VRRP sync-group if you need NAT and firewalling to avoid async routing.