Starting off with VyOS with a failover connection?

Just discovered VyOS and would like to get my hands around it. Was going to to use pfSense, but realized that it wouldn’t work well with XenServer since there are no tools for it and thus wouldn’t be able to go >100 Mbps.

I’d like to set up a rather simple router at the head of my network that passes on into other services. My goal is to have a primary ISP connection and then a failover secondary wireless connection over an ethernet adapter (so that the box just thinks that there are 2 incoming ethernet connections and no messy wireless junk). The wireless will not even be connected except when it’s needed, but I need the system to automatically use this connection when the primary goes down.

What would be the steps and VyOS specific terminology to config this? Any documentation that would get one started with VyOS in this precise direction?


attached document includes example configuration for failover and loadbalancing. Helped me a lot.

  • alex