Static Interface-route not working


Can anyone please advice why the static interface-routes is not working as in the below video:

Can you explain what specifically doesn’t work? Is this your video or someone else’s?

The issue is when you configure the below the static route work probably:

set protocols static route x.x.x.x/x next-hop x.x.x.x , the route appears in the routing table and traffic work normally and here the next hop is an ip address not a physical interface.

but when you want to make the next hop as a physical interface with the below syntax:

set protocols static interface-route x.x.x.x/x next-hop-interface ethX the route appears in the routing table but the traffic don’t work.

A second try Does any one faced this problem or see an issue at this configuration.

It looks like everything works as expected.

When you want to route a route via a specific interface, it needs to have an IP on the same subnet or you need to provide a gateway.