Static IP (IP Failover) for VMs


i have question about setting up properly routing in my network. First, let me explain my setup:

I have dedicated serwer in OVH with few IP. One IP is for whole dedicated machine, and every other is IP Failover served in groups by OVH. Main machine is XenServer 6.5, with two NICs. In Xen i have virtualized Vyatta (VyOS) to manage routing of all VMs inside Xen. I’d like to grant all of my machines static IP.

Untill today i have properly adressed Vyatta VM, to have internet connectivity. To grant it IP address, i have to get virtual MAC Address in OVH panel, then clone this address into virtual NIC inside XEN.

Now i have a problem - how to manage my IPs inside LAN? I can easily do some NAT with masquarade, but i don’t know how to make Vyatta routing those IPs. To be clear - i want Vyatta to be transparent - it has to leave MAC address of new VMs unchanged or emulate traffic somehow.

I’d like to use ISPconfig and configure IP address for every client using it, so there has to be possibillity to grant more than one address fo one VM. What do I have to do? Is there necessity to address outside NIC with static IP and somehow redirect traffic inside? Maybe you can give link for some tutorial?

Please help!


Maybe, you need to explain more better for principle of Failover IP and your topology (especially network settings on XenServer).
In general, it seems you only need to route network block or Failover IPs to VyOS virtual machine, connect VyOS to internal bridge and do whatever you want with this addresses inside this bridge.