Static Public IPs routed through Dynamic WAN IP

Hi all,

I purchased a /29 block of Static IP Addresses from my ISP. The way my ISP handles static IPs is as follows :slight_smile:

When you connect to the our (ISP) network, you’ll get a Dynamic WAN address. It acts as a gateway for the static IP addresses to reach the network. The ISP doesn’t automatically assign static IP addresses to devices connected to the Dynamic WAN. In order to use your static IP addresses, you will need to have your equipment set up to route through the Dynamic WAN.

I have managed to get a dynamic IP address from the ISP, but am struggling with setting up static IPs on Vyos and on hosts behind vyos.

Would like to get options on how I can get these public IP Addresses setup in Vyos so that they route through the dynamic IP address that acts as the gateway.

Thanks in advance.

That sounds like a reasonably common approach.

Probably the simplest solution is to create an interface on the router with one of the addresses on it as a /29. Then connect devices to that interface using the router address as the default gateway.

An alternative would be to use NAT.

With the first approach you get 5 usable IPs for devices, whereas you can use all 8 with NAT.