Status of 1.4/1.5 "current" designation

I like to build my own images, and I’m a bit confused about the status of the current branch – are the 1.4-rolling builds that VyOS is producing now coming off of the sagitta branch, and the new 1.5-rolling builds coming off of current? (couldn’t find any announcements in the blog or forum about this change / the official start of 1.5). Thanks in advance!

Ok, I’m seeing now on the Nightly Builds page that 1.5 made its first appearance on September 8.

Could a developer confirm the repo status change?

Hah, I’m just now seeing that a September 2023 blog post was put up today! Missed seeing that earlier today.

It says this:

Soon, we’ll create a sagitta branch in our git repositories to stabilize the codebase that will become the new 1.4.0 LTS release.

I suppose that’s already happened, based on what I’m seeing in Github?

Yes, thats my impression to.

The switch to 1.5-rolling is over a set of days where things thats hardcoded to 1.4 must be updated etc.

That is everything from stuff over at down to various references in the source code (github) of the various builds thats happening.

Right now we can see the commits that gets merged to current (aka 1.5-rolling) is getting backported (if needed) to “sagitta” (aka 1.4-rolling who will become 1.4.0 LTS).

The other day 1.3.4 also showed up as a version tag so a 1.3.4 LTS should arrive any week aswell.

But I agree it would be handy if some maintainer put up an official blogpost about the versioning and if 1.5-rolling is now official and so on. Along with some ETA’s.

Something along with:

The new current is now 1.5-rolling (nicknamed: xxx) since 2023-MM-DD.

The previous 1.4-rolling (sagitta) is now in a stablize phase with ETA for 1.4.0 LTS set to late september (if tests go according to plans).

The current 1.3.3 LTS will have a new release 1.3.4 LTS estimated to arrive around 2023-MM-DD.

Note that the 1.2.x series are as of 2023-MM-DD considered to be EoL and wont receive any new updates, last release here is 1.2.6-S1.

Please check back to this blog for release notes when new LTS versions are released.

Changelogs are available at Changelog — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

Latest nightly (1.5-rolling) can be downloaded from:

For those of you running rolling releases please update to latest nightly before filing a bugreport in the forum over at or the bugtracker over at


With that being said most of the above (but in different words) do exist in the prolog for the latest blog-post:

We’re back with an end-of-summer update. We’ve been quite busy cleaning up legacy code, fixing bugs, and adding remaining features planned for the future 1.4.0 (Sagitta) LTS release that we hope to finish by 2024. Soon, we’ll create a sagitta branch in our git repositories to stabilize the codebase that will become the new 1.4.0 LTS release. Rolling release development will continue in the current branch, and the future 1.5 LTS release will be “Circinus”. Meanwhile, the minor release 1.3.4 of the Equuleus branch is in its final stages, and we’ll soon build and release its images. Here’s what’s happened in August.

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