Still missing / loosing firewall log capability

Running version: VyOS 1.4-rolling-202206270217

Although upgrading the vyos image initially solved my issue (see related post Missing firewal logs ); the problem re-appeared… Doing another image update gives me logs for an hour or so; after that new blocked traffic is no longer logged. I can see the counters increase whenever I force hitting the default (or any log enabled) firewall entry, but when I run the show log firewall name XXX-XXX I only get old entries and no new ones…

Does rebooting (not doing an image update) resolve the problem?

Either way, it might be worth logging a Phabricator about it so that the issue can be properly triaged and tracked.

I did try that already; however it did not resolve the issue.

Ok I will create the issue on Phabricator!

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