Stop ISP Nameserver Assignment via DHCPv6-pd

Is there a way to override or stop name server assignment on dhcpv6-options that come from the ISP?

I have opened a number of tickets with my ISP concerning absolutely abysmal performance of their IPv6 name service and I’d like to just stop that automatic assignment.

Temporarily, I am able to front load so many IPv4 name servers that I rarely get to them, but I’d like to know if I’m missing a method to better control DHCPv6 options.

What do you have for your RA settings on the inside interface(s)?

Try adding these:

# 1.4
set service router-advert interface ethX name-server ...
set service router-advert interface ethX dnssl ...            # search list
show service router-advert interface eth0
 default-lifetime 300
 default-preference high
 hop-limit 64
 interval {
     max 30
 link-mtu 1500
 prefix ::/64 {
     preferred-lifetime 300
     valid-lifetime 900

Specifying the name servers in that manner is exactly what I needed, thank you.

This is Spectrum… Their IPv6 has always been solid except for this one thing that I can’t seem to get resolved.

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