Support for Asus RT-AC68U, or any other wireless routers or some such as Raspberry PI 4

I’m new to VyOS and trying to understand if I can run the software on standard wireless routers.

Does VyOS support the Asus family of routers, particularly Asus RT-AC68U . I’m looking for the following functionality:

UI Interface
Quagga ( OSPF )
StrongSwan / IPSECv2/1
Firewalld / Iptables

Is this something the product can do and work on? Is it possible to deploy this product on Raspberry PI 4 if not on standard wireless routers?


Vyos does not currently support any ARM hardware, which is basically what you’re asking for (Both Asus and the RPI are ARM based)

For the RT-AC68U you’d be better off using OpenWRT, though even then OpenWRT doesn’t suppor the Wifi card in that box very well.

So no, Vyos can’t be deployed on standard wireless routers.