Support for GRETAP over IPv6

Having the ability to create GRETAP tunnels over IPv6 would be great to have. We already have the ability to do ip6gre tunnels, but they can’t be bridged.

Do you mean “type gretap6” ?

Yes, something like that. At the moment, only these seem to be supported:
gre, gretap, ipip, sit, ipip6, ip6ip6, ip6gre

The command to create a GRETAP over v6 tunnel with ip is:
ip link add name gretap100 type ip6gretap local <> remote <> ttl 255

Which version?
Try 1.4

vyos@r14# set interfaces tunnel tun0 encapsulation 
Possible completions:
   erspan               Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer
   gre                  Generic Routing Encapsulation (network layer)
   gretap               Generic Routing Encapsulation (datalink layer)
   ip6erspan            Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer over IPv6
   ip6gre               GRE over IPv6 (network layer)
   ip6gretap            GRE over IPv6 (datalink layer)
   ip6ip6               IPv6 in IPv6 encapsulation
   ipip                 IPv4 in IPv4 encapsulation
   ipip6                IPv4 in IP6 encapsulation
   sit                  Simple Internet Transition (IPv6 in IPv4)


Oh I see, I’ll try 1.4. I’m on 1.3 :sweat_smile: