Supported Hardware [SOLVED]


Hello. i did a quick search, but didn’t find what I needed.

Is there any list of supported processors and network cards?
I’m thinking in getting new cheap amd rack servers, but I’m wondering if I’ll get into trouble with that processor and some network card models.


Hey Dave,
there is no HCL as such, we considering to build something in future.
general recommendation is intel nics and higher frequency cpus
In most cases, adding ESXi or KVM or XEN will allow you run VyOS on almost of HW

All depends on what load you expect.


Thanks for the reply.
So far I’ve been able to run vyos in PCs and small servers. I now know it will be a Xeon E3 processor ith 2 gigabit Intel nics, so i guess there won’t be any problem.
Thanks again!