syslog is an invalid command


im trying to set up an syslog server but i cant configure the syslog settings

if i type: “show system syslog” i get “Invalid command: show system [syslog]” . i get the same result if i type “set system syslog”

root@router:~$ show system
Possible completions:
boot-messages Show most recent kernel boot messages
commit Show commit revisions log
connections Show active network connections on the system
image Show installed Vyatta images
Show messages in kernel ring buffer
login Show user accounts
memory Display system memory usage
processes Show system processes
Show Quagga routing daemons
storage Show filesystem usage
uptime Show how long the system has been up

root@router:~$ show system image
The system currently has the following image(s) installed:

1: VyOS-1.1.8 (default boot) (running image)
2: 1.1.1

what am im doing wrong?


you need to switch into configure mode
for details see

thank you
it worked.