System console missing

I installed VyOS 1.4 (latest from today) on a PC Engines device… and, then I tried to run the first command that’s listed in the documentation. Which is “set system console…” and “show system console”… and, I get an “Invalid Command” response. So… great start… first command doesn’t work…

how can I set the console speed to 115200? and why isn’t there a “system console” in this system?

answer… because first I had to go into the “configration” mode with the “config” command… the # or in front of the commands in the documentation show, if it's a config-command (#) or a normal-command () … nice… didn’t know that, maybe a point to mention in a tutorial :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @meiru,

glad to hear you could solve this on your own! This is actually explained in the quick start guide:


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