System name-server VRF aware?


I don’t seem to see any way to tell the system what VRF to use for DNS lookups. Am I missing something or does this functionality not exist?

I’m new to the VyOS community, If the feature does not exist what is the proper place to request it? (Phabricator?)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @spencerryan,

I’m the author of the VRF subsystem and there is (yet) no option for this.
As VyOS purely runs on Linux, do you have any idea if this is supported in Linux “at all”? If so, can you point me to a link how to do this so we can add it?


Thanks for the reply. It looks like it might not be as easy as I’d thought:

Looks like cumulus does it by adding the loopback interfaces to the VRF, which VyOS doesn’t seem to support -

If I get some time I may try hacking that in by hand and see what breaks (or gets fixed)