TCP/SCTP load balancing

Hello dear comunity users

I’m looking for TCP/SCTP load balancing with following requirements:

  • LB should be able to get some trigger from external system and close transport session based on it
  • dynamic banancing configuration change

Do you think VyOS will be useful for my case?


I believe VyOS is not for your case.
You may want to look into HAProxy or NGINX

HAProxy doesn’t support SCTP, unfortunately
will check NGINX, thanks

I have been working on an example for a similar service (proxy).

I am testing couple ideas such as SCTP without streams multiplexing which would be like TCP.
Also due to HTTP/2.0 being a stream multiplexing oriented service the only benefit of SCTP would be LB and redundancy of connections which fits scenarios like ROAMING or flapping connections.

Keepalived will do.

@hagbard I am not sure I am following how keepalived will help?
Maybe lvs but not sure.

keepalive is using lvs and it supports load balancing sctp.