The "clear" command on cli doesn't work

I can use the clear command in the “configure” shell but not at the top of the bash/cli.
IE, I can login using:
user: vyos
password: vyos
> clear
incomplete command
> configre
> clear
#Screen clears#

Can it be fixed?

‘configure’ is a VyOS operational mode command

user@vyos:~$ clear
Possible completions:
  console       Clear screen
  firewall      Clear firewall statistics
                Clear flow accounting
  interfaces    Clear interface information
  ip            Clear Internet Protocol (IP) statistics or status
  ipv6          Clear Internet Protocol (IPv6) statistics or status
  nat           Clear network address translation (NAT) tables
  policy        Clear policy statistics

to clear console you can use ‘clear console’ or ‘sudo clear’

for fast console clearing i always use “Ctrl+L”

@line2 @rob: Thanks both.
I have some experience with VyOS and Vyatta but havn’t touched it a very long time.

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