The issue of ineffective configuration of source nat in Docker Vyos

I used Docker Vyos and added source nat in the CLI, but nat is completely ineffective and will prompt me when committing

vyos@US-Hub #Set nat source rule 10 outbound interface ‘eth0’


vyos@US-Hub #Set nat source rule 10 source address’ ’


vyos@US-Hub #Set nat source rule 10 translation address’ ’


vyos@US-Hub commit

[nat source]

#Warning: iptables legal tables present, use iptables legal to see them


vyos@US-Hub #


vyos@US-Hub #Save

ESaving configuration to ‘/configure/config. boot’



vyos@US-Hub #Exit


vyos@US-Hub :~$show nat source rules

Disabled rules are not shown

Codes: X - exclude rule, M - masked rule

Rule intf translation

10 eth0 saddr to

Proto all sport Any

When daddr, dport Any