The logic behind the new build flavor system

I’m having a hard time understanding the methodology behind the new build system in the priority it uses for picking up options. Most developers will prioritize command-line options over defaults, but build-vyos-image does the opposite when it merges most options. This means that a command-line option such as --debian-mirror will be ignored and the only way to modify a mirror is change the defaults.toml file. This creates a convoluted mess in trying to figure out how to create a custom image as some options are ignored on the command-line, some are only available in the defaults file while others are set in the flavor file. I understand this is very new, but I’m not sure if such behavior is intended or actually a bug.

@Netboy3 a recent bug fix (⚓ T4796 build-vyos-image ignores multiple options) resolves the issue with --debian-mirror, and other problems with options. As you had surmised, early-days of the rewrite, with a few bugs to resolve …

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