The system domain name doesn't seem to be set on rolling release

I have set the following option.

set system domain-name domain.extension

But calling, does not return anything.

show host domain

I’m currently trying to resolve local domain names using the dns forwarder and host file updates, but the domain defined in the dhcp-server is not applied to hosts.

dhcp-server {
        shared-network-name Client {
            option {
                domain-name "domain.extension"
            subnet {
                option {
                    default-router ""
                    name-server ""
                subnet-id "2"

I managed to get the domain added to DHCP leases, the following command is not working as described. It is supposed to set the domain name for a network, unless explicitly set by the subnet.

set service dhcp-server shared-network-name Client option domain-name

Explicitly setting the domain name for the subnet does work.

 set service dhcp-server shared-network-name Client subnet option domain-name domain.extension