Traffic is coming from Customer side but not going out of Vyatta Firewall



Hi There,

Peer ID / IP Local ID / IP

Tunnel  Id          State  Bytes Out/In   Encrypt       Hash      DH A-Time  L-Time
------  ----------  -----  -------------  ------------  --------  -- ------  ------
3       180         up     0.0/85.6K      3des          sha1      2  1068    3600

I have configured an IPSec site to site VPN tunnel and I am Experiencing issues with the Traffic which is not being routed from Vyatta Firewall but its coming in. In Phase 2 Configuration customer has placed a Host which is and I have placed a Network. So do I need to configure the Host too to get the Traffic out? The remote end customer is using Fortinet

Any help on this will be Appreciated.

Vikram Rao